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'PASS IN REVIEW' is a command that as a drill instructor I gave many times. It alerted the men under my command that they needed to be at their marching best because their performance was going to be judged by a high ranking cadre, and I would be judged on their performance. What we authors create for our readers also has to 'pass in review' and we always hope the review will be complimentary.



Since the first Thursday in January 2015, I have been selling my books at the Book Nook, my store inside the Downtown Mall and Marketplace located in the former Bank of America building, 231 South Ridgewood Drive two blocks south of the traffic circle in old Sebring, Florida. When I opened the Nook, I had six novels for sale. Since then, I have added two short story collections, a non-fiction account of my four years as a Federal Investigator, and my latest novel, Ghost Haven.

Sebring is the county seat of mainly agricultural (citrus and cattle) Highlands County, almost dead center in the southern third of the peninsula. A large proportion of the residents are retirees. Also between Thanksgiving and Easter, the population of the county almost doubles as many snowbirds seek surcease from northern winters. Most of these are also senior citizens, and many still prefer the feel of a book in print to that of a Kindle or a Nook. These silver-maned residents and snowbirds account for the majority of my sales. And many of these folks are return buyers. Hearing one of our year-rounders’ say, "I bought (title) from you and enjoyed it so much, I wanted to read another of your books.” Or the snow-bird who tells me, “I purchased (title) when I was here last year and would like to buy another of your books to take home with me.” These are the best reviews an author can receive, and I very much appreciate them.
Visitors from California to Maine and most of the states in between have purchased my books. Also, many share my books with friends and family, some of whom have visited the Book Nook to purchase a copy for themselves. These readers carry my books to all parts of our country and in several instances to destinations overseas. The Book Nook will probably never be my ticket to the talk-show circuit or well-publicized book signings — I'm too old to make the rounds anyhow — but it does make my books available to new and returning readers, and that is what is most important. I write to be read and enjoyed, and apparently, I am.



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This is bf oswald’s first non-fiction title. However, his writing style that has gained him readers from all over the world is not sacrificed for the sake of reality.

 Deep in the desolate scrub bordering the Levy County, Florida Gulf Coast is the abandoned remains of a once luxurious hotel. The former owner and his wife, now ghosts.....

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