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Readers' Reviews:

A humorously poignant frankly erotic story of a boy's journey into manhood; rivals Echoes of Ellen and Flood: A Saga for story line and depth of characterization. One of the most enjoyable books I've been fortunate to read in a long time.
—Johnny DeSilver, Bay Village, OH

I laughed until I cried, then cried until I laughed again. Vinni is a delightful mix of humor and pathos in a well-orchestrated story line. I will definitely read more of this author's novels.
—Dot Jennings, Ft. Myers, FL

A bed that talks, a whore who interrogates, and a handsome and personable Italian-American attorney who learns about lust, love and life by living it; an interesting combination that tells a story replete with laughter and tears. I don't know when I've enjoyed a book more.
—Vic Somers, Dyke, IA

A rarity, a man who seems to know what a woman likes. His 'love' scenes made me 'sweat' if you know what I mean. Too bad he's married.
—Sophia Ruggles, Columbus, OH

Clever, clever, clever! Oswald has woven a tale of life from the most improvable threads—a talking bed, a whore with a very inquisitive nature, and a good-looking Italian-American lawyer with a big heart.
—Hugh Clingan, Aurora, IL


Vinni Ignacio Esposito began his journey into manhood ignorant and naïve. As his body changed in response to its flood of male hormones, so did his interest in children’s games give way to curiosity about IT. He began to pay more attention to the stories his peers heard from their older brothers. Copies of National Geographic, Esquire and those little cartoon books—called eight page bibles—passed through his hands whetting his interest even more. There was a new world out there that the adults around him were trying to keep hidden. He would not be denied its exploration.

This story, told by his bed aided by Vinni's close friend, Victoria, (a former prostitute), chronicles his quest to understand his sexuality as his body and perspectives change, and relates his relationships with the women who enriched his understanding along the way.

Yes, a bed—is there another piece of furniture that has stories any more intimate to tell.

From the book:

Antonia discovered Vinni's peephole the evening they returned from the wedding and the twins had a lengthy, whispered conversation about what to do about it. Initially they were angry and felt they should tell Vinni's mother. However, the more they discussed it, the more convinced they became that they could use it to their advantage.

Even though Vinni had become more adult in his approach to the twins, and the three of them had become reasonably friendly, the twins remembered when Vinni stalked them, played jokes on them, and was in general a real pain in the ass, and they still carried vengeance in their hearts. They decided to put their snotty neighbor in a bind, using his hormones to torture him by raising his sexual desire as high as possible as often as possible.

The twins had begun exploring their sexuality when they entered puberty, first individually then together. They started sharing the same bed, capping off many of their evenings with mutual masturbation.

At his first opportunity, Vinni watched in horny awe as the girls enjoyed their wanton pleasures—on top of the covers and in the glow of their dresser lamp.

And they knew that he was watching them.

One evening Vinni was in his living room watching television when he heard the twins go up to their room earlier than usual. He was suspicious and went upstairs to spy on them. He turned off his light and carefully uncovered his peephole. Only blackness greeted his enquiring eye. When he smelled the faint odor of Juicy Fruit gum, he realized the twins had terminated his viewing pleasure. He started to slide the picture back in place when he heard Maria say in a stage whisper, "Let's fuck Vinni."
"She actually said that?" There was a strong note of disbelief in Victoria's question. "Are you sure you're not making all of this up?" She gave Vinni an 'I don't believe you' look.

"Why would I make something like this up," Vinni responded seriously. "It's the way I remember it." Vinni sounded a little embarrassed.

Victoria rolled over on her side, rose up on one elbow and looked down at Vinni. "OK, I believe you. You certainly were a clever young man. So, what happened next?"

Maria's statement uttered in jest crystallized in Antonia's fertile brain to ‘Why not?' The twins discussed the possibility until it morphed into ‘How to?' and became an obsession. They were tired of candles, bananas and cucumbers and wanted to experience the real thing. And with whom better than someone they believed they could control. Vinni wouldn't (couldn't) tattle on them without having to admit his culpability, so messing with his mind would be an added bonus. Their seduction fantasies of how, when, and where spiced up their sex-play but also increased their desire for an actual encounter to a fever pitch.

There came a day when the fates conspired to make mischief possible. Vinni's mother took his sisters to visit relatives a three-hour drive away; Vinni pleaded a stomachache so he could stay home. The twin's mother was out of town and not expected back until late that evening.

Vinni was in his room reading a comic book when the twins called to him from the foyer. Could they come up and see his room? Vinni had no objection and the twins trotted up the stairs. They stood in his doorway and immediately began to admire his collection of airplane pictures, asking him about each one. As he was explaining, the twins moved into his bedroom and Maria pushed his door closed, then put her back against it. Antonia approached a picture and asked Vinni to tell her about it. Standing just behind Vinni, feigning interest in his description, Maria began to undress. When Vinni finally noticed Maria, she was just stepping out of her panties.

Vinni was startled, shocked, confused—and frightened.

"I've showed you mine, now show me yours," Maria purred.

Vinni hesitated; an embarrassed flush quickly reddened his face.

Antonia joined Maria. "Yes it's only fair. Show us!" In one smooth motion she pulled Vinni's trousers and underpants down around his ankles. Freed of its restraining undergarment his erection began to rise to the challenge in spite of Vinni's effort to control its progress. Now really disconcerted, he bent over to pull up his pants and suddenly found himself on his back on the floor.

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