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'PASS IN REVIEW' is a command that as a drill instructor I gave many times. It alerted the men under my command that they needed to be at their marching best because their performance was going to be judged by a high ranking cadre, and I would be judged on their performance. What we authors create for our readers also has to 'pass in review' and we always hope the review will be complimentary.

 When buying something on the Internet, I often read product reviews and may or may not buy the item based on what others say about it. Authors appreciate positive reviews about their titles because they may encourage prospective readers to purchase their books. Even if not positive, a constructive review will be helpful to an author. [Constructive: serving a useful purpose, tending to build up, to encourage improvement.]
 Often when I have finished reading an ebook, I am given the opportunity to review it and usually I take the time to do so. (The author or the publisher of a print book may provide instructions for sharing a review at the end of the book.) The following suggestions are intended to help you write your review:
 A review may be a brief as just using the five star rating system often included with the request for a review. This alone is not quite as helpful to prospective readers (or the author) as are written comments.
 Begin your review with a positive comment: "The book was easy to read". "The story was engrossing." "The characters and/or the story line believable." Write the review in your voice — make 'I statements': "I liked the story line." "I did not like the main character."
 State your criticism(s) constructively: "I feel the book could be improved by being less wordy; using less profanity, slang, unexplained foreign words; by clearer explanation of obscure words; by excluding the violence/sex that is not directly related to the story (gratuitous sex and violence)". 
  Avoid attacking or criticizing the author, it only demeans the critic. Focus on the book. (The author may not be pleased with the book either and constructive remarks may help with a revision.)
  Respond to, "Would you read another book by this author?" or "Would you recommend this book to a friend?"
  Submit your review to the publisher, or the seller, or the author by following the instructions for contacting each. BUT BY ALL MEANS, PLEASE TAKE TIME TO WRITE A REVIEW. My fellow authors and I will appreciate it.
  [Reviews may be sent by US Mail to: Debi Staples, SynergEbooks, 948 New Highway 7, Columbia, TN 38401, or by using the contact form at <>. Comments may also be emailed to me at <> and I will forward them.]


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